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In Your Memory

When I was younger, I remember hearing my Dad say that most of his friends have already passed and he was left behind. At that time I really didn’t give a thought about death since I was young. I wondered why would my Dad dwell on that sad thought.

And I grew older. I experienced the pain beyond words of losing someone very dear to my heart. I lost my Dad and then my second mom. Those were terrifying and very painful times I sometimes wish to forget. It seems like no matter how much you prepare for it, it still would sting like hell.

As years pass by, just like my Dad, I see a lot of people I know pass away. I try to keep a list of names and pray for them. Someone I know actually just died a few hours ago. We have been praying for him for over a month since he was in the Intensive Care in the hospital. This post is for him.

Death is a natural part of life like being born and yet you can never really prepare for it. It will still hurt or make you really sad. Then I look at my own life. I see my young children. I hope and I pray that my husband and I will be there for them for a very very long time. The thought of ending changes one’s perspective: To hold, to cherish and to savor each moment.

One thought on “In Your Memory

  1. Death, common as it is, almost always perplexing. Life is a story that would sometimes ends abruptly and would almost always render people stunned in disbelief.


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