What Could Have Been?

Looking at my present,

I smile.

I embrace it.

I believe that I am destined to be here.

By fate, by my choices.

To love and be loved by the people around me.

I will always be grateful and thankful.

And my ultimate purpose is to be a good wife and mother.

To strive to be a good person

To live life to the fullest.

To conquer every challenge.

Then my mind,

It took me a step back or two or more

It took me to the past.

The defining moments when I had to make choices, decisions.

It could have led me to different directions

Many other roads to choose

If given the chance, could I have chosen differently?

Will my life be better or maybe I will face greater challenges?

I will never know the answers.

It is useless to even think about it.

It is what it is.

My  mind just wanders and wonders

It is free to imagine.