A Visit In My Dream

When I was growing up, we used to regularly meet with a  Chinese Family. They were very good friends with my father. We visited their home somewhere in Manila. Similarly, they also came to our house every end of December. I do not remember but somehow the dates were significant to them and my father. They were very generous all the time. They always gave me and my siblings red envelopes or hongbao.  This is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions. Robert, the head of their family, was my brother’s godfather. I believe he passed away around 9 months ago when my father was sick in the hospital.

It is a strange thing and it often happens to me. How can I dream of deceased people when I do not even think of them or I do not even remember them? Last night, I had a dream about Robert. He gave me a hongbao. He was showing me some notes on the notebook. He even gave me a flute! I used to play the flute in high school through college. How did I dream about this? I told my husband about it and he said it is just the subconscious working. He is from the medical field so he tends to be skeptical or scientific about things. But me?… whenever I dream about souls, people who passed away, souls I do not even think about, I believe that they really come to visit, they are trying to saying something, or asking for prayers. When I opened my eyes, I prayed for him. I still do. It was indeed a surprise visit.  A lot of thoughts come by, about life, living, being alive, dying, death, and prayers… Death looks like part of the natural cycle of life, yet it is not easy to comprehend and accept (unlike having a new born child). Oh well… Did you ever experience something like this? Please share your thoughts. It can be scientific explanation or something else.


God Made Our Hands

There is one song I love singing when I was a choir member in high school.  I would like to share it with you and hope it brightens up your day and give you inspiration. I am singing it to you now!!!

I added some photos I just copied from Google. These are not my original photos (except for the snowy mountain!).

Jill Jackson and Sy Miller

God made our hands to give and receive His blessings


He made each voice for singing a happy song


God made our feet to walk on a path of rainbows


He made a smile for smiling the whole day long


God gave us eyes and filled all the world with beauty


Sunshine and trees and stars above

Wonder of all He gave us a gift so special



God gave us a heart to share His love!

You can view the video of this song nicely sang by

Mr. Bobby San Juan

What Does A Child Say to God?


When we discipline our six year old, sometimes I would tell him to stay on his bed and read his prayer book. It was last week when he was in trouble with me. He had his time out. In the end, he told me that he made a prayer to God. He handed me his doodle notebook and showed me his prayer. It just melted my heart to know how he talks to God. It gives me consolation and happiness.

Dear God,

We are all sorry for our sins.

I love your son, Jesus.

Please take away our fears from the past

Please bless us, Mighty Lord.

Please defend us and give us stuff we need.

If you can’t, we understand we don’t need it.

Give us our daily bread. We like Hail Mary.

You are a wonderful God.



Morning Praise


New Day

New Week

Another Miracle just to be here

Pray to God, ask for help

Believe in Him

Believe in Yourself

Be brave, let us face our challenges

You are not alone, we are not alone

Be inspired, see the beauty

We are alive

May God wrap us all in His loving care.

To God be the glory!


Have a good one!!!

99 Years Of Life!

This morning, my little girl and I went for a trip to the library. It has been one of my favorite places for my children. The one that we go to have a lot of fun toys for kids. It is really an enjoyable place. Of course I am fond of borrowing books too.

Today is special for me. I met wonderful women named Rosalinda and Clementia. With them was their one year old grand-daughter named Stellie.  Rosalinda (Rosey) is 98 years old and will turn 99 this year (in October). I was truly at awe. I can not explain the feelings I had standing right next to a person who has seen the world for a long time, for almost a 100 years! I can say that I am truly honored to meet her. How many people can live that long? She is an old soul. Her eyes have seen a lot. She must have gone through a lot. She does not speak English, only Spanish. Good thing, her niece (the other grandma) was there to interpret. It was indeed a lovely scene watching the baby girl with her grandmother and great-grandmother! My little girl played with Stellie for a while. I asked permission if I can give her a hug. Rosy was so amiable. She was very happy when I gave her a hug. Before we parted ways, Clementia and I had  our last chat. She told me some advice that I am pondering right now. She said, “First, love God. Second, yourself. Third, your husband. Fourth, your children”. She said, love and take care of your husband because when the kids marry, it will just be you and him. So enjoy the moments with him. This life is not just my journey. It is our journey together. We will go through this life and die together. It is still one of my prayers for God to let me and my husband live at least until we are 90 years old. I really desire to see my children go through their lives, have their own children and become grandparents too. I also pray for my parents that God will bless them with more years to come.

God is the source of life. God is good. I guess we should just ask to be blessed. Like Rosy, I can say that she is so blessed! And she intends to live for another 10 years more! May God bless her. And to you, who is reading this! Have a beautiful day!