God Made Our Hands

There is one song I love singing when I was a choir member in high school.  I would like to share it with you and hope it brightens up your day and give you inspiration. I am singing it to you now!!!

I added some photos I just copied from Google. These are not my original photos (except for the snowy mountain!).

Jill Jackson and Sy Miller

God made our hands to give and receive His blessings


He made each voice for singing a happy song


God made our feet to walk on a path of rainbows


He made a smile for smiling the whole day long


God gave us eyes and filled all the world with beauty


Sunshine and trees and stars above

Wonder of all He gave us a gift so special



God gave us a heart to share His love!

You can view the video of this song nicely sang by

Mr. Bobby San Juan

Music For Kids

I just want to share this to other parents. If you have not heard of the group HI-5 yet, you can check them out. You can search them on YouTube and just key in Hi-5 songs to give you the playlists.

One of the things I enjoy doing with my kids is watching the group Hi-5. It sets an upbeat mood. I personally love the music, dancing, and singing. I am having so much fun doing their dance moves and singing their songs. Can you imagine the mom having even more fun than the kids??? You can just check it out for your children.

Here is a short information I got from Wikipedia:

“In 1998, television producer Helena Harris, creator of Bananas in Pyjamas, created “Hi-5” when her two children outgrew Bananas. She and co-producer Posie Graeme-Evans decided the new show would be aimed at children of all ages, would include educational trends as fun and games, and would feature music and movement that would attract children’s attention.”


Original logo from Hi-5 series, from original and USA versions

Have a fun day!