First Of March

There was a time when my head was filled with thoughts. I had to write them down. They were overflowing. My heart was filled with emotions. I had to let them out.

I am not sure if it has something to do with the sudden loss of a loved one. But after that event, it seems like I have nothing much to say. Maybe my mind is still full of him. Or my heart still grieves.

I have not been writing as much. Instead I focus on music. I find it comforting. Healing. Some of the clips I share to my Instagram account (khris_79).

I know I will be back on track someday. For now, I will just let things be.

I hope you are doing fine as well as you read this. Keep inspiring others. Keep searching for that passion. Do things that will make you happy. Happy life. God bless you all.



The True Story of…

Posted by one of my favorite authors : ) Nice to tell a different version of this story to the kids. Very creative Piero, thanks : )

Let us not be too serious in life. Let us hear our children’s stories.


IMG_20150425_184248The Big Bad wolf wasn’t a big bad wolf after all.

He was just a cute and gentle wolf pup that helped Little Red Riding Hood who got lost in the woods to find her way to her granny’s cottage.

Once they arrived at the cottage he licked her sick Granny’s feet and nose to make her feel better.

Then had a lovely lunch with them of chicken and rice, plus a wild gooseberry pudding for dessert that Red Riding Hood’s granny cooked.

He stayed there for a while listening to wonderful stories of little good wolves that granny told them and then departed waving his paws while yelping: ‘Bye-bye to both of you my dears and I sincerely hope that you get well soon granny!’

This is the real story of Little Red Riding Hood that I got from a wolf, believe it or not.

Now that we know the truth I wonder why grown ups keep telling tall nasty stories to children of wolves being…

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

photo 5 (2)

Christmas time is in the air again! You will definitely know it because of these: busy stores, people shopping for gifts (I do mine online. It is hard with the kids!), Christmas trees, colorful ornaments, holiday decor, mistletoe, Christmas wreaths, socks for the tree, peppermint, hot cocoa, elves and nutcracker soldiers (my favorites),  sweaters, jingle bells, and jolly Christmas songs. It is all wonderful! This is one of the children’s favorite holidays because Santa is going to give them presents. We savor the magic and spirit of Christmas.

photo 1 (2)

This year is better for me. I am happier. I was struggling (emotionally) with something through the years. Now I am free, the more that I aim to give my children the holidays and traditions they will never forget. I am more focused. I desire to build happy childhood memories for them. I want them to have a better life. My childhood was not perfect. My memories of Christmas is just fine. We had a unique family set up and it made a lot of things complicated. Maybe I will share this to you one of these days. I am just saying that we all have our journeys, our struggles in the past. Now, we have the chance to focus on the present. We make the best out of NOW with eyes hopeful for the future. Especially this time of love and sharing, we try to remember all the good things in life.

It is one tradition that my husband and I made. This is our second year. We buy fresh pine tree the week after Thanksgiving. We enjoy its presence and its smell in the house. With our kids, we decorate it. We want to keep it simple and fun. We found some chocolate balls they sell in COSTCO now. These are colorful and very pretty. I hang it on the tree but our toddler kept on eating them, and she won’t stop. She started crying when we won’t give her some more! She wanted to get them all. In the end, we had to take all the Christmas balls down from the tree (edible and glass). We will have to skip it for this year. We have three more weeks left before Christmas! Enjoy with your loved ones!

Way to Happiness

The following are collection of phrases I read somewhere. I usually just put together all these lessons in my head, and try to remember them by heart. Sharing to you some of my favorite credos:

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a dream. Today is a gift. So live TODAY, be present.

I love this phrase because it guides me when my mind starts to wander off.

It is very nice to reminisce and appreciate your journey by looking back. I often recall some memories in the past from my childhood, teen years, when I started working, the family where I grew up as well as the dearest friends along the way. I can say life was  simpler then. Some make me smile, some make me cry. Definitely, looking back makes me understand more my present life.  On the other hand, there are times when I keep wondering what my life could have been if I chose a different path. Then I am left with questions, lots of questions of what could have been.  Then I go back to my credo. The past is history. I can never go back or change it. It is useless to over think and waste my time and energy  about things I can not change.

Every circumstance in our lives (both good and bad) are necessary for us to be where we are right now. There is a reason for every event, every encounter with people who walk on our path. 

People come and go in our journey, and some linger for a while. There is still a reason behind. As of now, we do not know why. Only God knows why (by the way, I love this song by Kid Rock. I remember my brother and his friends)! So just welcome the people in your life right now. These are people we love and cherish, and some we might dislike or hate.

It is good to have dreams and hopes. They keep us going. They inspire and motivate us. It surely helps us to have a happier life. And as we have an eye for the future, we should bear more importance on TODAY. If we keep looking back or forward, we might miss out the feeling and the beauty of today. Try to recognize and appreciate the people and things we have right now. We are blessed in so many ways. I believe that if we cultivate in ourselves this way of thinking, we can be happier and satisfied.

Bloom where God planted you. You are special. You are blessed. Refrain from comparing yourself with others. You will either find yourself  superior or inferior. You are special. You are blessed.


Have a beautiful day!