Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm, is a 160-acre amusement park located in Buena Park, California. “The The 2014 Global Attractions Attendance Report states Knott’s Berry Farm is the 13th most visited theme park in North America” (cited from Wikipedia).

This is the second year we have availed of the season pass (since it will save us more). The first one was in 2014. We prefer bringing our kids here since it is closer to home and cheaper too compared to Disneyland. We just think it is not worth it yet to spend too much considering their age. Maybe when they are a little older.

Here are some photos I took from yesterday. I will add more to these each time we go : )


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Mount Baldy CA

Once a year, we bring the kids to the mountains so they can see and play with snow. It is always a fun experience. We went to Big Bear once and to Wrightwood Mountain twice. This morning we visited Mount Baldy. It is located in the San Gabriel Mountains in San Bernardino County near the Eastern border of Los Angeles County. I believe from our home this is the closest mountain we can visit where we can see snow! : )

Sharing some photos taken from this morning.

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A Picture In My Head

Have you ever  experienced this?

Seeing a place so beautiful that you had to close your eyes,

Paint the picture in your head

And still remember the exact feeling at that moment

Even if so many years have already passed?


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In 2003 (12 years ago) I was lucky to have a vacation in Europe with my Tatay, Mommy Eve, and Auntie Ludy (my Dad’s sister). I guess we did not have a digital camera before. We only used a regular camera and printed out the pictures. If I have more time, I can look for the album and upload pictures in here. I remember going to Germany, went to Cologne Cathedral, stayed in a farm in Bavaria, saw castles and one of them was the Neuschwanstein Castle.  After which, we  rode the train, stopped over in Paris, rented a cab and drove around the city. It was a long train ride going to Lourdes, France. There is something in Europe. Classic and Enchanting.

Now that I have my own family, spending on a trip to Europe is not a priority. Maybe someday or maybe never again. I am just glad I recorded the experience in me : )

Blue Skies

The other day. after picking up my son from  his summer camp, I brought the kids to McDonald’s. My son wanted to have the minion toys they give away when you buy the kids’ meal.


The afternoon sky was so bright, blue, and beautiful. Although it was sunny, the breeze was very cool.


I look around and I see beauty : )