Breathe and Shine

You should feel very special!

rise higher shine brighter

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We are made of the same carbon molecules that make up the universe, the same iron and minerals that make up our Earth. We are born in and of the stars and are part of a more complex and majestic whole than we can possibly imagine. We are energy and have the capacity to give birth to stars and universes by the very act of raising our vibration or energy signature. So go out in your day today and be the starstuff that you are ❤ Breathe and Shine!

Rise higher and shine brighter

So much love for you!

Martha ❤ xx

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Technology Age

It is mother’s day today and it just happened that my husband brought home a new baby for the family to enjoy, XBOX!!!! I am no good with gadgets and tech stuff but I find it interesting. Instead of playing using the controller and usually sitting down, it gets you moving!

When I was growing up, I remember my brother had  Atari, then Nintendo, and Sega. My siblings and I had fun with the classic games.

It is amazing how people can invent new things, new gadgets. When I was in College it was the first time I owned a cellphone, the huge ones they called “Jurassic”.

Now we have smart phones, IPAD, Wii, XBOX, and other amazing gadgets made by amazing human beings!!!

I wonder how would it be like in the future???? For sure, I will never get to see it anymore. I bet it would be really awesome! Flying cars, teleports, robots, and what else?

I just hope when that time comes,  people will just not forget some things that define them as human beings.  Nevertheless, enjoy! : )

I Am Not Here To Impress Anyone

Be yourself, love yourself, focus on yourself, be the best that you can be. Not to impress others or be affected or pulled down by others : )

Positive Outlooks

I have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try and impress anyone. If they like me the way I am, good. if they don’t, it’s their loss. — Unknown

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Controlling Thoughts

Controlling thoughts is one of the many things I want to achieve! I believe this can help us live happier lives.

Source of Inspiration


Do we have control
of our thoughts?
They swirl
through our minds
in never-ending sagas
of discontent.
He said, she said
I should have said
complaints, fears
nagging thoughts.

How I wish I could
forever band them
leaving only the joyous
loving, grateful thoughts
that I feel are
the true me
forever banishing
the hag, the crone
who whines on the other side.

Be gone–old, dark one
your days are over.
In your place comes
one who knows the serenity
and joy of love.

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Do Your Best

What we should remember about Choices and Decisions In Life.

Life as a Garden

Every day you have to make decisions. Some are no big deal and you hardly give them a thought, but some are in the problems to solve category and no matter how hard you try, you are never satisfied with your decision–even to the degree of regret! Just do your best. That’s right, doing your best at all times is the only thing you can do, and it’s what you strive to do whether you realize it or not. Sometimes your best will be your absolute WORST, but that’s okay because at the time, it was the best you could do.

Now, all of this probably sounds like a copout but it’s not. Just think about it. Today you might feel differently about a problem you had yesterday or a week ago. Because of that the decision you made in the past may not be the same as the one…

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