Quick Visit

I have not been writing for a couple of days now. I  have been busy thinking and doing a lot of things and also preparing for my 7 year’s old upcoming birthday celebration.

My mind, heart, soul, and spirit are doing all they can to be on its best condition. Our journey goes on! I am wishing you all the best in your endeavor, may it be on writing or on something else.

I will write soon! And I can not wait to have more time reading your posts!

Understanding Self Through Blogging

It is just not writing about your feelings and thoughts that help you realize something and learn more about yourself.

I find comments, feedbacks, inputs from fellow bloggers very helpful!  We do not know them personally so they tend to give you a different perspective. They are most likely  not bias or subjective.

One good thing about blogging.

You gain new insights and even new friends….

Good day!

Blog Posts Backed Up!

As what YOU, my fellow bloggers suggested, I did a copy and paste of my blog posts to Word document all in 200 pages already. That was the output of my blogging for 6 months now and I am loving it!

Thank you!


The morning looked gloomy

I still found it pretty

And my eyes feel heavy

It feels like rainy

While the afternoon is sunny

Thoughts On WordPress 2

I was imagining the site is crashing or there is a glitch.  Then do we lose all the written memories of our journey? Does WordPress secure and back up all the blog sites somewhere? Will our posts be read by future generations?!  Is there a feature where every blog we post automatically gets sent to our personal email address just to have a back up?

Hoping to get a feedback or suggestion. I was thinking of copying and pasting all my posts so I can have my own copy. I just thought of this now. It means I have to go back in November.

Thoughts on WordPress

I was just wondering how many bloggers are here in WordPress?

Is there a Statistics showing how many from which country?

I am just curious.

It must be from all over the world! 

What a fun way to exchange ideas, culture,

and learn so many things through WRITING AND PHOTOS.

A fun place to be.

Doing what we love to do (writing) and

sharing/meeting new people/friends.

Have a wonderful day!!!