Lonely Sunset

Yesterday was a feast, a joyous celebration. Then a shift to sadness. That’s how life can be. It is a combination of all these different experiences, different emotions/feelings.

I was happy last weekend since my child celebrated his seventh birthday. It is a reward for parents to see their children growing and reaching their milestones. But just right after that, I felt  pain and sadness. I received news that my Dad is not doing well back in Manila.

He started with his kidney dialysis in March, alongside with diabetes and heart concerns. When his appendix ruptured last year, he almost died due to so many complications after the surgery. But then he survived. We are grateful God has given him another year. And now he is back in the hospital again. Water retention in his lungs often occurs. He could not breathe and he was rushed to the hospital. It happened two weeks ago. After which, he was cleared by the doctors to go home . Yesterday was worse. They said his face was almost grey, finding it hard to catch breath. The diagnosis now is Pneumonia. probably he got it from the hospital since he regularly goes there for his kidney dialysis twice a week. They put a tube (intubation) in his mouth so he can breathe and have enough Oxygen for his body.  They put some tube in his nose too so his body can receive food. My Dad hates hospitals and all these procedures. My brother saw tears fell from my Dad’s eyes. As of now, they are giving him lots of antibiotics to cure the Pneumonia. Hopefully, his body will respond to the medicine. If not… I will have to fly back home as soon as possible. It breaks my heart now. But I know we will get by. I just pray that God will heal him soon… I do not want to think about death. But we were told by the doctor of the possibility. But I do not want to entertain that thought.  And I guess it is but natural for us humans to evade pain. I was asking myself this morning, dying is as natural as a baby being born. But how come it is always never easy to accept?…. I was at the backyard earlier and I saw the beautiful sunset. But this time I do not feel so glad about it. I felt the sadness…

IMG_20140626_211051I took this picture from my Dad’s house. Our backyard looks out a view of Manila bay.