A Year of Blogging

Today marks my First Anniversary here in WordPress!

I can not believe that it has already been a year!


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I just want to say thank you for being a friend to me on this journey.

I thank words for helping me express my thoughts and emotions

                     and for keeping my sanity,

                      deepening my appreciation for life

I hope I have inspired someone along the way. This would really make me happy.


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I will continue to write as long as I can for words will surely live longer than me.

Words last forever.

I want my children, grandchildren, my descendants, family and friends to have a glimpse of who I am.

Something that my ancestors did not have. Yes, I see some of their photos or I know them by name.

But with words, it goes beyond that.


For now, continue to live life. Be inspired. Embrace it and all the people who journey with us.


God bless us all : )

What Can We Write About?

There are so many things to write about. Don’t you agree?

There are too many choices if you will just look around.

We can write about our feelings and emotions,

What made us happy, what made us sad

What frightened us, and what made us mad.

We can write about our thoughts, ideas and opinions

Of how things and people should be,

And how you see the world as it is.

We can write about  different places

The wonderful and beautiful places we have seen and we like to see

Write about our dreams and fantasies,

Everything and everyone our hearts long for.

Even the unpleasant experiences turn out to be inspiration

The unlikable people may drive us to write

Just be aware and listen to your heart

You will know what to say

You will know what to write.


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Mama Duties Here I Come!

I wish I have more time

To sit in front of my computer

To click on these keyboards

To type in the words

My mind and heart dictate

I will sneak out from time to time

Got to attend to Mama duties

The day is still long

As well as the night

My eyes will be open

To the beauty of life

I surely will come back

I will share to the world

What Is My Passion?

Before I started blogging, one of my goals was to figure out something about me. I got caught up with my responsibilities, I am not even sure what my passion in life is. Of course, being a good mother and wife is my ultimate passion. But what else is there for me? I stopped working and being a career woman in 2010. Now, I know that I am a great housekeeper and cook, but what else is in there?

What is my passion? Is it something that is always in your mind? Is it something that you do and you do not even realize the time? Is it something you do hoping you will leave a legacy/mark even just to your family?  Is it something you enjoy even without getting paid? I get these feelings when I write… when I blog. Is writing my passion? I did not even have a formal training for it. I do not even know if I have a talent. Am I on the right path??? I am still trying to figure it out.

Blogging For My Kids

I was doing my daily walk on the treadmill.  I realized something. Why do I blog? Why do I write? Aside from the reason that blogging helps me in many ways, I want to preserve my stories and memories. Certainly words will live longer than me. Words can last for eternity. I pray that this blogging site (wordpress.com) will be here forever and that it will care/preserve our life stories.

What is going on in my mind and my heart.  I want my children to gain insights and be aware and enlightened of their existence. Of how it is like to live, be human, and be happy. I want them to see how much they were loved and cared for and I treasure every memory I have with them.

Kids, if you read this sometime in the future, this is how our usual day is:

  • Busy Day. Chores. School.
  • As we do homework, my little girl awaits for her Dad peeping out the window. The excitement on her face as her Dad’s car parks outside.
  • Sometimes I complain that my kids are too noisy. They exhaust me with their needs and demands. Then in my heart, I realize, they will grow up soon. Everything will be different. I end up saying, I do not mind being tired and my patience being tried. I wish time will slow down and they can be 2 and 6 year old children who always love to be with their Daddy and Mommy.
  • Family dinner. My son will often rate my cooking. Just like how they do it in school, I can get these rates * Star Cooking * Happy Face * Needs Improvement. I always get a Star from him!
  • Routine before bedtime. Brush your teeth, pee, say a prayer. Before the prayer, it is an endless playing on the bed with Daddy.  I usually set a time (which always gets postponed) for “calming down” and lying down. I like how it suddenly gets quiet when finally they fall asleep.
  • TV time (Hulu Plus)  with my hubby as we munch on our snacks! Sometimes with a beer or wine but usually with a diet soda. I can not count how many movies/shows we have watched every date night. Sitting side by side with him and cuddling is indeed my favorite!
  • I do not know if my life is really exciting. I do no get to travel and have adventures. But I feel happy. I am happy. Just thinking about these people I love: my husband, my children, my parents, my siblings, and all my friends all over the world…

          Why do you blog?  :- )

Why Do I Write?


I have my quiet time  (baby is napping)

I am bored

I am inspired

I am hurt

I am happy

I am annoyed

I am grateful

I am blessed

I am feeling

I am thinking

I am recording my experiences

I want to connect

I want to share

I want to learn

I am free


It surely is nice to have many followers. It is tempting to focus on getting the stats up but I keep reminding myself, I am doing this for me. I am here to savor my journey through life. I am hoping my children will read this someday, and learn so much about their mother. It can also be nice that friends or family can get to know me more as well. I will be happy even if I get to inspire one person. I will be glad to have one person learn something or be comforted with my words. I hope to spread good vibes, to let you know that you are not alone. We share experiences, both pleasant and BAD. It is all good!!!

Have a blessed day!


My First Blog

I have always wanted to write, but could not find the time. I do not have a formal training in writing. I am not sure if I can blog. However, deep within, I have always felt the need to express myself in writing. Like music, it gives that satisfaction. I do not know if writing is one of my passions in life. So I have to find out. Since I was in high school, I have been fond of keeping a little diary or journal. Writing  is a part of me. It has helped me survive and appreciate my life. I believe writing will help with  self expression, introspection, and soul searching.

I am always busy with everyday routine. I have been a stay at home mom since November 2010. I have focused myself on my children, the home, the family. I am actually writing now while my little one is taking a nap!  I used to have a career,  but after having children, I chose a different path. I say that from my personal experience, being a full time mother is more rewarding and challenging in different ways. I am not saying this is true for others.  We are all different. And I am speaking for myself. With all the changes, in the midst of  the daily routine, sometimes I get the feeling that I have lost something. I am not regretting any of my choice and it is nobody’s fault. I just  believe that there comes a point when you start to search for your passion. Right now I am reading a book entitled “I am that girl” by Alexis Jones. It says that “Clues to your passion are always around you….You’ll only find your passion if you search and fight to discover it.”

I hope this blogging will help me find my passion and realize something beautiful. I hope I can also inspire other people and learn from them as well. We are all here for a purpose, definitely we can learn from each others’ experiences.