Blog Awards in Six Months

What Can We Write About?

There are so many things to write about. Don’t you agree?

There are too many choices if you will just look around.

We can write about our feelings and emotions,

What made us happy, what made us sad

What frightened us, and what made us mad.

We can write about our thoughts, ideas and opinions

Of how things and people should be,

And how you see the world as it is.

We can write about  different places

The wonderful and beautiful places we have seen and we like to see

Write about our dreams and fantasies,

Everything and everyone our hearts long for.

Even the unpleasant experiences turn out to be inspiration

The unlikable people may drive us to write

Just be aware and listen to your heart

You will know what to say

You will know what to write.



Mama Duties Here I Come!

I wish I have more time

To sit in front of my computer

To click on these keyboards

To type in the words

My mind and heart dictate

I will sneak out from time to time

Got to attend to Mama duties

The day is still long

As well as the night

My eyes will be open

To the beauty of life

I surely will come back

I will share to the world

What Is My Passion?

Before I started blogging, one of my goals was to figure out something about me. I got caught up with my responsibilities, I am not even sure what my passion in life is. Of course, being a good mother and wife is my ultimate passion. But what else is there for me? I stopped working and being a career woman in 2010. Now, I know that I am a great housekeeper and cook, but what else is in there?

What is my passion? Is it something that is always in your mind? Is it something that you do and you do not even realize the time? Is it something you do hoping you will leave a legacy/mark even just to your family?  Is it something you enjoy even without getting paid? I get these feelings when I write… when I blog. Is writing my passion? I did not even have a formal training for it. I do not even know if I have a talent. Am I on the right path??? I am still trying to figure it out.