Loving Each Moment

One of the perks of being a stay at home mom is just being there for them, when they’re not feeling well or when they’re just chilling out.

Sometimes I complain about the stress of raising kids especially when they fight a lot or when they’re being difficult.

I just say that. I know the the time will come when they will no longer need me and I will miss every moment they were little.

I will have all these memories when they were growing up.

It is a nice cold morning today.



Winter Break

For stay at home moms out there, I know some of you can relate to this. Now that it is winter break, kids are home.  I hear voices always saying, “Look Mom, Look Mom!” All at the same time. Simultaneous. While doing chores : ) It can get crazy. Need energy boosters!!!

Little Things That Make Me Smile

I am so amazed how my little girl (who is 3 years old and 2 months) has become potty trained! Remember around the second week of September I posted about focusing on her potty training? In three weeks she already know! So now we only use diaper at night time when she sleeps (just to be safe) and during times when I know we’ll be out of the house for a while.

At first I would regularly make her sit down, but now she tells me whenever she needs to go. I am just surprised because with my first born, it took a while before he learned. As I remember, it was almost a year for him.

Kids are so different (as most of the parents know) when it comes to personalities, learning, development. In terms of academics, my first born is way advance. Before he turned 3 years old, he already spelled, wrote, and read. As for my girl, we are still working on these things. But we are getting there : )

The little things that make me smile.

Hope something or someone is making your day brighter too!!!


One Sweet Thought

I was preparing my son’s bath then he was staring at my feet. I haven’t had a chance to do my pedicure. Then he said, “Mommy you cut all our nails but you forget yours. I wish I can cut yours. I want to do you a favor.” I smiled and told him that he just did.

Time Hops

Something amazes me. It always happens. I get this realization at some point. I look at some photos of my kids. And it never fails to surprise me to see how little they were at that time I took the picture! I remember the feelings. It was just like from yesterday, not from a long time. The feelings have not changed. And the way I see them is also the same. The way I saw them at that time is just exactly the way how I see them right now. Perspective.  Is my perspective at their level and grows with them as well? I looked at my boy’s picture from 2013.  I saw my boy then as a big kid. But when I look at his photo, he was very small and such a baby!  Now, that he is a first grader, I see him as a big boy and I expect things from him especially the responsibilities he has to do. I am certain in a year or two, when I look at his pictures taken from now,  I will realize again that he is still a baby! And maybe in the years to come I will still have the same feeling?

I hope I made sense and I was able to put into words what I mean. Time hops. 


Photocredit: mamanyc.net

Crazy Happy

It is Spring Break in school. It means, home with the kids everyday. It is really fun to be home with them… And exhausting too! Especially with their age, 6 and 2. My six year old is a very smart boy. I wrote about how amazing he is intellectually in my past blog.  A few weeks ago, during our back to school night (when parents visit the classroom and see their child’s work) I quote his teacher, “He is very very smart. In my 28 years of teaching, he is one of the smartest boy I have ever met!” So this means, he is very observant and inquisitive. Literally, too many questions. “Why are all things made in China?”,  “Why does it take 3 days for Jesus to be risen? Why 3 days?” And many questions I can not imagine asking if I am 6 years old. He likes making/building things. So asks me to help him with so many stuff and ask for materials and thins he needs. He made a binoculars out of carton, he makes me cut boxes for the house he wants to build, and other things. So many demands. He writes and illustrates stories and comics. This means, talks a lot, moves a lot. And I have to keep up besides my chores and an exploring 2 year old. Although she is more independent, I see how strong willed she is. She can be demanding too.

So do you understand me? After I put them to bed (which takes a long procedure/routine), it is suddenly quiet! QUIET.  Suddenly still. STILL. And I feel so relax. Happy. I can have a glass of wine. Or just some chips and soda. One hour to watch House of Cards through Netflix.

Crazy but happy.

Goodnight fellow bloggers, readers. Have a good sleep. No matter how your day go by, there is still tomorrow. So let us give ourselves a break : )