Best Versus Beast

Random thoughts when I was walking on my treadmill.

Some people bring out the BEST in you.

Some people bring out the BEAST in you.

Best versus Beast

Do you know what I mean?

When I look back and think that for a very long time I suffered

Either caused by my own mind or by a culprit or a true source

I never understood why I had to be in that situation

As a Christian, I just viewed it as my cross

That everything has a reason

That darkness too shall pass

It tested me to the limits and I am not sure if it already broke me

The negative emotions made me sin in my mind, heart, words, and soul

Then I felt like a very sinful being feeling frustrated, hatred, anger,

I grew to dislike myself and I have never been so bad in my life

All those times, I felt not close to God

Everyday I can’t help but notice darkness and ugliness

I fought it because there was still beauty and graces around

I felt so trapped in a murky muddy place

But it does not matter now forĀ  You have liberated me

They say everything happens for a reason

And it will eventually make you a stronger and better person

I still have to figure that out

All I know is I have become more appreciative of my everyday

Each day I rejoice and I see beauty

And I savor a peaceful mind, a peaceful heart, and peaceful life.

Monster Alert

Do not try to break me

Dear mind you have to focus

It is okay to cry it out

But dear spirit keep up

Xanax or wine, tempting

But venting out to a loved one I find more healing

Praying for wisdom and mostly courage

To face the monster

To face the dark

Go through the dark

I should not be afraid

For you are holding my hand…

Pain Pain Go Away

We talk about pain

It is part of being human

We experience different kinds of it

Be it physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual

Pain in different levels

Pain in different degrees

And when we experience it

We just want it to disappear

If you are experiencing pain right now

Close your eyes and breathe God’s love

I give hugs to you and say a prayer too

It will not be dark forever

There is nothing permanent in this world

Not even pain, not even pain

Pray hard and never lose hope

Someone surely cares about you!!!!

(inspired by darklady5 )