Typical Day Of A Stay At Home Mom

Woke up at six in the morning

Stretched out on my bed

Thanked God for another waking moment

Hurried up to start the day

Headed down to the kitchen

Prepared breakfast for the family

Hoping it nourishes their bodies and their spirits too

Prepared my son’s food for school

Packed up lunch for my husband too

Amidst this busy morning

I cared for my darling toddler too

We dropped off her brother to school

Then headed back home

Got a list of things to do

All for the rest of the day

Got so much energy and my spirit is dancing

As I was sweeping the floor

Had the urge to write down these thoughts

How I love to ponder and write

I see more meaning in everything

While doing these little things

My heart overflows with love

Never ever stop

Thanking God for another waking moment!