Before I Found You

How did I end up with you? Is it just my choice or is it destiny? As I ponder about it,  I realized that circumstances, time, heart and decisions led me to your arms. I conclude then that it is destiny!


I remember how young I was when I had my first love. I thought that it is going to be forever him and me. I was in a bubble, living in a perfect world. But growing up and knowing what you want can truly change everything. It burst that bubble.


I thought he was my soul mate, I guess both of us did. Happiness was felt whenever we were near. Our hearts spoke to each other, but no words were spoken. I saw how much he cared. He made me happy. But I was confused. Then the fickle minded me…


A good friend I fell in like with or maybe even in love. I eas not sure. Mixed signals, mixed emotions or it was just me.  He who regarded me as his confidante, disappeared and got married to the love of his life.


He lived far away but we kept in touch. Phone calls, chat, emails and sending photos. I know I liked him but I see something else. We were way different in so many ways. I did not mind our difference. I still hoped for love. Then not knowing what happened we it just slipped away.

I wished for a sign from God. Will he please send me dear Lord a bouquet of red roses? That day did not happen and I was heart broken. I guess I will give up looking for that love.

A few weeks after,  my friend Lyn had a call. It was our old friend who just came to visit from abroad. She handed me the phone and we casually said our hello’s. Then he planned a surprise party for Lyn and her boyfriend.

It was dark but there were candles that led up to the  rooftop. It was a lovely surprise dinner for the couple we love. Chris handed the beautiful flowers then the engagement ring to the woman of his life.

And as to my surprise, Archie came to me. He handed me a bouquet of beautiful red roses! At that time, honestly, I did not realize that God sent me the sign that I was looking for.

I realized about the roses when we were already married. Then my life/love story began…

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