Morning Angel

After dropping off my boy to school, my little girl and I went to Walmart to see what I can find in preparation for my son’s birthday party.

Looking around, it took me more than an hour to find everything that I need. I was in line to pay for my things when this very friendly cashier asked me if I would like to purchase the item in her hand for my girl. It was a Sophia the First Accessory Set that costs for less than a dollar only. This thrifty shopper said “no, thank you.” I was thinking my girl will not need it  since she has enough hair accessories (although it was really a good deal). Then the lady behind me asked about the item. I told her that we are not getting it and she can have it. The woman said, “I am buying it for your baby.” I was surprised and I insisted that she does not have to do that. But she was very firm that she wants to buy it for my girl.

I was totally moved by her kindness. A stranger who is just kind to others. I was teary eyed since it felt so surreal to feel genuine human kindness. Caring and expecting for nothing in return. I might not see her ever again but she will always be remembered. Yes it was almost just a dollar purchase but her ACT was worth a million, even priceless! It was so huge that it touches my soul. I gave her a hug and uttered my warmest thank you.

This morning, this old man (neighbor) came knocking at my door. He just said, “Here are some tomatoes harvested from my backyard. I thought you want some since you told me last time that your plant looks dry now.” Of course I did not say that my plant is still alive and is bearing a lot of tomatoes. I wanted to savor human kindness. His thoughtfulness again made me think that God is good. He has surrounded me with a lot of angels in my life.

I prayed that the good Lord will surround my children (and the whole world as well)  with angels who will always protect them, keep them from harm, who will always show kindness to them, who will help out in times of need, who will comfort them when they are sad,  and  surround them with love and happiness.

May angels surround you too and make you realize that life is beautiful!

Angels Around Me

In every chapter of my life,

I see angels around me

Wherever I am, wherever I go,

I’ve always been surrounded by them.

I know in my heart they came from heaven

God has sent them to watch over me

To comfort me when I am sad

To make me laugh and make me happy

They are all ears when I share my thoughts

And they feel what I am feeling too

They make me a better person

They make me see a beautiful world

I feel God’s love through them

A love that is unconditional and pure

A love that will never end

And bound to be forever true.


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Dedicated to all the friends I have in my life whom I consider my angels!

For my best friend of almost 3 decades now!!! She will be celebrating her birthday soon. We parted ways in 2004. She had to work overseas, and we have been away from each other since then. We only saw each other in 2012 during my church wedding. and in 2014 when my father became ill. She is lazy with emails and text messages. And I totally understand that. Through time, through distance, I still feel the strong bond that we have. Just like being born with another sister from a different mother. Just like being born into a family that God or the universe has chosen for you. She will always be my best friend forever.

God is love. He manifests His love in so many things, through so many people. I hope we can all see and feel this!!!

You have been my angel too!  Thank you for being part of my life through this blog site : )