How Many People Have Lived?

From today, going back to the time when the first human beings existed, how many people have already lived on Earth?

“According to the United Nations, world population reached 7 Billion on October 31, 2011…According to the most recent estimates, the human population of the world is expected to reach 8 billion people in the spring of 2024.” ( This is nine years from now.

How many people are born each day and how many pass away?  From prehistory/ancient history up to the present we call The Social Age.I wonder about each life, each mind, each heart that roamed around this home we call Earth. The richest, the greatest of minds, the most inspiring souls we have ever known.

I see how the fleeting glance of each moment pass by. And altogether creating the most meaningful and beautiful experience we call life.

Human life is very short compared to other creations or organisms.“Worldwide, the average life expectancy at birth was 71.0 years (68.5 years for males and 73.5 years for females) over the period 2010–2013 according to United Nations World Population Prospects 2012 Revision, or 70.7 years (68.2 years for males and 73.2 years for females) for 2009 according to The World Factbook.

Wishing each person living will be awakened to this fact and hopefully drives him to progress, to be better, but also to be kinder, be more human, and to seize each waking moment to be happy and loving to the people around him. Maybe then who needs violence? Who needs war?



I read posts of my fellow bloggers.

Listen to their experiences, see what they think and how they feel.

Some are very good with words. They are amazingly talented.  Words are beautifully written. They are very inspiring. Full of insights and wisdom.

Some are plain and simple. Straightforward. It is like you can hear them directly speaking to you! They are heart warming and you can easily relate to them.

No matter how we say it or present it differently, when you look at its core, we all share the same things. Yes each of us is unique and we have so many differences . but there is something at the core. I do not know if you will agree, but that is how I see it. Superficially, we look different but as I have said before, looking beyond it, we are somehow the same. Human beings. We are brothers and sisters.

Have a blessed day guys!

Small Beginnings

I am not very talented with gardening, but my better half is! He loves to plant.  It is one of his favorite hobbies aside from reading and numbers. He enjoys gardening (by the way it is his birthday today!) Over time, I learned to appreciate its beauty. I started planting some seeds too in my tiny pots. I feel happy to see sprouts coming out!


Last year, my husband planted nectarine and orange plants. They are still tiny and I can not wait to eat their fruits someday!  We have vegetables in our backyard too: zucchini, green beans, bell pepper, parsley, green onions and kamote (I planted the last 2). My dear friend germinated some tomatoes for me and I took care of it. Now it is bearing a lot of cherry tomatoes.


When we moved in this home 2 years ago, a neighbor gave me some pots she no longer wanted to bring as she moved to a different place. I did not know the tiny plants in the pot. I transferred some of it in our soil. When it grew it was chilli peppers! Just like the tomatoes,  I always get thrilled seeing how plenty they are and I get really excited harvesting them.

WP_20150416_002(1)As I was looking at them earlier, I realized the wonders of life. How can a seed turn into a sprout then to a plant or a tree? How can the plant bear fruits and vegetables? How can a tree become so grand and beautiful providing shade to us? How can we have a symbiotic relationship with them, providing oxygen we need and carbon dioxide they need? This is indeed a perfect plan. Planned by nature, by the Universe, by our Creator, by God. This is just one example of the many miracles and wonders in life.

This beautiful miracle also applies to us people. How does a human being develop? How does life develop from a small beginning? From being fetuses, we turn out to be very complex, beautiful, amazing creations. I am not going into the detailed cycle of how a tiny fetus develop into a baby, born, grows up and grows old. Yes it is called Science, Biology, but it can also be seen as a miracle, life’s wonder!

For something to grow, it needs nurturing. Invest time on it. Protect it, give it love and care. Someday, soon, it will bear fruits, vegetables, or a beautiful flower. Then it will be a delight to someone. This applies to all these: plants, trees, animals, and human beings too.

Have a fruitful Life!

Signing Off

I wish I have more time to write and read your blogs.

I promise I will devote a day to just reading

Keep writing

I can not wait to hear your thoughts and feelings

To learn new things

To see the other side of the world

To realize that I am not alone

That we are going through the same things

For we are humans

You are all my brothers and sisters

We are all pilgrims in this journey of life

Be happy and celebrate being alive!

Carry on : )

Beautiful Mist

What knowledge do we have?

Even the wisest and the geniuses?

What can human brains do and truly comprehend?

I still believe what we know is so little!

So little in this great big world and Universe.

So many places unexplored

So many things unexplained

Philosophies unreconciled

Questions unanswered

When I look up in the skies

I feel so little

When I imagine the Universe

I  am a speck of dust.


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James 4:14
Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

You Know I’m Human Too

I usually have a sunny disposition. At least I try to. I like to spread the good vibes to others too. It makes me feel happy to make others happy. Because we deserve it, right? Focusing on the good is a good habit to happiness.

Please do not forget, it is also fine if sometimes it does not feel sunny at all. Remember, it is part of being human. You can blame it on mood swings, on hormones and other things. Mind you, I am no expert on this. I am also reminding myself RIGHT NOW.

This is the time I feel a little tired. Maybe physically or emotionally? I am not so sure. I think it is the hormones. Emotions tend to be a roller coaster ride. This is a time when I honestly just want to have a hair cut, change the color of my hair, or do some shopping online (still on the clearance or sale section!) The baby is napping. I have one hour. Oh, it took time to put her to sleep. Moreover, I was feeling upset too since I got into a little “argument” with my son this morning. You know how it is like to be so busy in the morning getting everybody ready for work, for school, getting everyone’s breakfast ready? Then my son waking up in a very bad mood then never stopped whining and giving me attitude? So I regret that I dropped him off to school without a goodbye kiss or a “have a great day.” Maybe this is the root of the mood? I will see him in three hours though. By that time I know I will be calm and ready. For now,  I have an hour to finish this blog and get myself ready. I will definitely try to relax so I will be recharged. Talk to God and ask for patience and love. I will enjoy my pancit and root beer. I may walk longer than the usual on the treadmill. I will get ready for the challenge. Then feel so much better.

I hope your day is going well. If it is not, it will be later!

Beauty From Above

I dream to travel the world. I am amazed by different cultures, different places, and how people can be different from each other. When I was younger, geography and history were my least favorites. They bored me a little. But now that I have come of age, I definitely appreciate maps, countries, travel, and culture. As of now, I neither have the time nor the means to see the world. So what I do is watch travel shows, refer to books or the website to see different places. I enjoy the shows House Hunters International, Vikings, The Tudors, anything that shows history, geography, culture.

To Travel is really awesome. If you have the time and money, it is such an experience to actually  be in different places, enjoying beautiful landscapes, exploring local food, feeling the place’s breeze, hearing fascinating languages being spoken, walking on the street pavements, and having your photograph with a beautiful scenery in the background. For now, I am happy and contented to travel the world using my sense of sight and my wild imagination! This is seeing life’s beauty up close.

Another perspective that truly astonish me is not just to witness the beauty of life in front of me. I often wonder how it also feels like to appreciate the beauty from above. I am very afraid of heights. For sure, I will never fly up in space or be an astronaut even in my imagination. This is the reason why I follow NASA’s official instagram account. I enjoy their photos of earth, outer space, Universe, and all those celestial objects. They let me have an experience of seeing the beauty of life from above. It is astounding to see wonders and beauty in space. It can be scary too because of the other unknown things out there. I will not be talking about force, gravity, or energy. I know little of these things. But in general, it is just so amazing. There are so many things we do not know yet. As human beings we strive and keep on learning, knowing, and discovering.

I believe the astronomers and astronauts are blessed to have a first hand knowledge and experience of knowing/seeing the beauty of/from space. I often wonder how this experience has changed their views or if it has affected them at all?  So as I was engaging in a conversation in Instagram, I came across an amateur astronaut. I seized the opportunity to ask my inquiries (I will update this article as soon as I get his response). I am excited to know his point of view. He said, “as an amateur astronomer, and one who works with both amateur and professional astronomers for the most part they share a humble understanding of their place in the Universe and are aghast and excited to know what’s out there.”

Down here, from this perspective, everything seems so big. Problems are big. Our country is big. It is a big wide world! But when I just imagine, from up there, we are tiny specs of dust. Being alive is truly amazing. Being here on earth for just a few years is an incredible gift. Compared to billions of years or light years in space. With this in mind, fighting/ war does not make sense.  No sense hurting people in any way. There is no sense to be unhappy. We are all brothers and sisters, we are all human beings. Whether we come from different places, we live differently, we look different, we are all the same. I hope I am making sense. Or am I just too drunk from awe?


Today’s Prayer

Dearest God,

I do not usually pray online. But I am sure, you don’t mind at all.

This is going to be short.

Please bless us all, especially whoever is reading this right now.

May we find solace in writing and reading our fellow humans’ thoughts and emotions.

You have given us the opportunity to live and see your amazing creations!

Help us to focus on the beauty and all the blessings we  have right now.

Please help us understand  that pain, trials & challenges are part of it all.

Give us the  strength of mind, body, and spirit to surpass every affliction.

To be brave, strong, and never lose hope.

Help us to have the right perspective of things

To be free from anxiety, worries and heartaches

To have peace of mind and be happy

To do what is right and just

Help us to live each day in your grace.

May you fill us up with Your love

May this love overflows within us to the people around us and to the whole world!