Positive Outlook

It takes effort and work to train your mind to be positive.

Starts with awareness and dedication to help yourself become a better person.

Feeding yourself with inspiration and motivation

Casting out negative thoughts and emotions

Accepting that this dark side is part of our existence But never agree to dwell in it.

If we do, then we will lose in the battle.

We have to learn how to fight these things or people pulling us down.

The fight that comes within ourselves.

By having a positive outlook, equipped to survive and thrive

Each and every challenge we face in our journey.

While our eyes affixed on the beauty of life and living

Breathing with a happy heart filled with love and kindness

It is never easy

But seems worth a try

It is possible

We can start from now…

Afternoon Inspiration

Close your eyes

Be conscious of your breathing

Breathe in the gift of life

Exhale all negative things inside

In your thoughts, in your heart

Let the breeze embrace you

Let the energy envelope you

You are alive

You are blessed to be here

Be glad for this one time journey…

99 Years Of Life!

This morning, my little girl and I went for a trip to the library. It has been one of my favorite places for my children. The one that we go to have a lot of fun toys for kids. It is really an enjoyable place. Of course I am fond of borrowing books too.

Today is special for me. I met wonderful women named Rosalinda and Clementia. With them was their one year old grand-daughter named Stellie.  Rosalinda (Rosey) is 98 years old and will turn 99 this year (in October). I was truly at awe. I can not explain the feelings I had standing right next to a person who has seen the world for a long time, for almost a 100 years! I can say that I am truly honored to meet her. How many people can live that long? She is an old soul. Her eyes have seen a lot. She must have gone through a lot. She does not speak English, only Spanish. Good thing, her niece (the other grandma) was there to interpret. It was indeed a lovely scene watching the baby girl with her grandmother and great-grandmother! My little girl played with Stellie for a while. I asked permission if I can give her a hug. Rosy was so amiable. She was very happy when I gave her a hug. Before we parted ways, Clementia and I had  our last chat. She told me some advice that I am pondering right now. She said, “First, love God. Second, yourself. Third, your husband. Fourth, your children”. She said, love and take care of your husband because when the kids marry, it will just be you and him. So enjoy the moments with him. This life is not just my journey. It is our journey together. We will go through this life and die together. It is still one of my prayers for God to let me and my husband live at least until we are 90 years old. I really desire to see my children go through their lives, have their own children and become grandparents too. I also pray for my parents that God will bless them with more years to come.

God is the source of life. God is good. I guess we should just ask to be blessed. Like Rosy, I can say that she is so blessed! And she intends to live for another 10 years more! May God bless her. And to you, who is reading this! Have a beautiful day!