“In Like or In Love?” (very short love story)

She came back from a vacation abroad. She heard that there was a new guy at work, and they said that he was a heartthrob. She did not really care.

The next day, she was called for a meeting. She sat across the new guy. In her mind she thought, ” Fine. He is cute.” The meeting was adjourned. The new guy approached her. He introduced himself. She thought it was nice of him to do that. They talked for a while, and they hit it off.

Almost everyday, he would visit her in her cubicle at work. He would share pastries or coffee or just engage in small talks during breaks. Months and years passed by. Their friendship remained. Unconsciously, she liked him. She would deny it but eventually she was having feelings. She thought, maybe she was just fond of his ways. Moreover, there was no way of liking him because he had a girl friend. He talked about her.  She thought, “maybe he looks at me like a sister”, but honestly she thought there were mixed signals.  He would talk to her about his girl friend, call her up whenever they were having problems. He would seek for advice.  He would share his secrets (both nice and bad) to her. They were good friends.

One day, after work, as she was heading towards her car, she heard a voice behind her. It was the girl friend. It was the second time she met her. The first time was when the guy introduced them during an office event. The girl looked so worried, mad, confused, jealous. She just let her feelings out.The guy found them talking. He was embarrassed that his girlfriend had to confront her. He assured her nothing was going on between them.

After that incident, little by little the guy kept his distance. He no longer dropped by her cubicle or share coffee/pastries or engage in small talks. One day, he just informed her that they were getting married. She was shocked, but she was expecting it. Did it hurt? Maybe a little. Her heart was broken. She moved on…  After her long term relationship, she still prayed harder to find her soul mate, that man who is meant for her.

After a few months, she reconnected with a friend. And he found her! Everything fell into place. It was magical.  She got married the following year. At present, they are happily married for 10 years, with three kids. Sometimes, she would still remember that new guy from work. It makes her smile, and she still ask herself if somewhere along the way, did he have feelings for her too? Was she in like or in love with him? It was in the past. It will always be a special memory.