Silent Fortress

She had a hard life. They were not well off. They had to find out ways how to survive. Her mother died when she was very young. She barely have memories of her. Although she remembers how she looks like, fair skinned, curly golden hair.There was not much stories about her father or her childhood and teenage life. I just know she had her first child when she was 18 years old. And her father died after.

I just realized now that I do not really know her past. All I know is that she is a great mother. We grew up in an unconventional family set up (which I may write about someday).  But she was there to guide me and my siblings. Whenever we stayed with her, she made sure we communicated very well. We sat down every morning after breakfast and  talked about anything under the sun. Later on, we enjoyed this over coffee. She made sure that our bond was strong even in times we were apart. My siblings and I became very close to each other because of her. We got our pride, our dream, our strength, our prestige from our father. On the other hand, our mother taught us gentleness, heart, happiness, music, silliness.  If I am a loving mother to my children now, it is because of her. It is amazing how she is literally always there at our side (my sister and brother) during times when we are emotionally down. She helps us go through them. If she did not come here to help me, I would have been… She is a life savior. She is our fortress. And yet she is just quiet. She does not long for recognition. She has always been selfless. Children come first before her. She sacrificed a lot. And I salute her for that. If I were to write a story about her life, you would say it is like one of those touching films and it can even win an Oscars! : – )

Happy Mother’s Day Ma! This is my gift to you! You are loved by us and we will share many more years of happiness together. You deserve all the best things in life!


Cry Mommy Cry

And so, I am doing my usual momma duties. Then the TV is on. And it reminded me that Mother’s Day is coming up. I see these mother’s day commercials and they all make me cry. Why? Why am I such a cry baby? I cry over a movie, a commercial, a song, a story, and anything. I look so funny. But I do not care. Cry me a river!

Just before I make this post, this commercial made me cry! You may want to watch it. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms in the world!

Mommy Says

When she was still conceiving the baby, she felt all the signs of being pregnant. It was really uncomfortable. A lot of things going on inside and outside her. Hormones, mood swings, bigger appetite, bigger body,  nauseous all the time, can’t eat or drink some food, can’t sleep well, itchy tummy, itchy body, swollen feet, aching backs….

Then she says, “Oh, I can’t wait for my baby to be born!”

When the baby was born, it was a different challenge. A lot of adjustments, first time for everything as a parent, learning new things about the baby, spending majority of her time caring for the infant, sleepless nights…

Then she says, “Oh, I can’t wait for my baby to be bigger. A toddler sounds fun.”

When her baby became a toddler, it was physically challenging. Mommy had to run after the baby. Toddler is very active and so as the mom. She should be. She had to make sure her baby is safe all the time.

Then she says “Oh I can’t wait for my baby to start school.”

The child started going to school. The mom felt much better and more relaxed. Until there were different challenges. She needed to focus on teaching her child especially independence, discipline, and other things. Her baby is growing fast. She needed to make sure he grows up to be a well rounded person who can survive and thrive in life.

The child went to grade school, to high school, then eventually her child left for College. More and more, the mommy felt she was losing her child. The child became an adult, all grown up and more independent. He was creating his own life, his own future. He was ready to soar high.

Later on, her child had to marry. This is it. This is his own life. The mommy was thinking. Time quickly passed by. What else was there for her? She is done with her job. More time for herself. More time alone with her husband. More time to reminisce the past.

Then she says, “Oh I miss my child. I wish he is still a baby….”

Inspired by a tiring day. by demanding children. Dedicated to my children.

Crazy Happy

It is Spring Break in school. It means, home with the kids everyday. It is really fun to be home with them… And exhausting too! Especially with their age, 6 and 2. My six year old is a very smart boy. I wrote about how amazing he is intellectually in my past blog.  A few weeks ago, during our back to school night (when parents visit the classroom and see their child’s work) I quote his teacher, “He is very very smart. In my 28 years of teaching, he is one of the smartest boy I have ever met!” So this means, he is very observant and inquisitive. Literally, too many questions. “Why are all things made in China?”,  “Why does it take 3 days for Jesus to be risen? Why 3 days?” And many questions I can not imagine asking if I am 6 years old. He likes making/building things. So asks me to help him with so many stuff and ask for materials and thins he needs. He made a binoculars out of carton, he makes me cut boxes for the house he wants to build, and other things. So many demands. He writes and illustrates stories and comics. This means, talks a lot, moves a lot. And I have to keep up besides my chores and an exploring 2 year old. Although she is more independent, I see how strong willed she is. She can be demanding too.

So do you understand me? After I put them to bed (which takes a long procedure/routine), it is suddenly quiet! QUIET.  Suddenly still. STILL. And I feel so relax. Happy. I can have a glass of wine. Or just some chips and soda. One hour to watch House of Cards through Netflix.

Crazy but happy.

Goodnight fellow bloggers, readers. Have a good sleep. No matter how your day go by, there is still tomorrow. So let us give ourselves a break : )