Plain Day

When I started blogging, my mind was filled with thoughts, filled with words. My heart felt a lot of things. I could not wait to write them down each day. Writing about my thoughts and feelings helped me resolve some issues I had in me. It taught me a little about forgiveness, about imperfections, humanity, about love. It also helped me discover my passions. It is still helping me get to know myself more and the life around me.

I just noticed one thing and maybe it happens to other people too. When my father went to heaven, it suddenly felt like there is nothing more I can write about. No inspiring stories or reflections in my head. I was not sure how I was feeling. For a long time I just went on with the flow. It has been a year now. I don’t feel the same. However, I find delight in interviewing people who inspire me. Maybe this is a way to get me inspired again and get me back on track.

For now, I will keep looking for that inspiration.

Self Expression

I can express whatever is in my head

Without explaining why I have to say it.

I say the weirdest or craziest things

And I do not have to be judged for it

I do not really mind

This is my page and my world

In here I feel so free

It is a place of comfort

It is therapeutic




Words like a well of life

Now, You Are In My World

Signing in here

Writing my thoughts

Entering into a black hole

It’s like being in a totally different world…

It is a world inside my head

Where I meet other souls like you

Alone with our words and feeling our emotions

A lot of things in my head

So many words to say

It comforts me to know

I can be heard without without judgments

I can say what I want to say

I can be true to myself

Thank God for the words

Thank humans for the means

Writing is my friend

It is my constant companion.