Random Thoughts Inside

This is the day I dread

I feel turmoil inside

Headaches, pounding and restless heart

Butterflies in the stomach

The good and the bad fighting

A voice is saying it is all in the head and everything will be fine

Focusing on the worries/fears only magnifies it

It is not real… It is just mere imagination

Do not resist

Every little thing happens for a reason

Trust your journey

Conquer the negative emotions

You are more than what you think

You are capable of things you can not imagine

Embrace the present

Strike out other concerns to stay focus

Holy Ghost guide my every thoughts, actions, and words

From this day forward…

Embracing Me

May the prayers embrace me tonight

As I lay myself down to sleep

May the prayers envelope me

 With Light and Strength that will never leave

May wisdom and courage descend upon me

Change my mind and heart into a better being

May I conquer hatred and the rest of my emotions

Instead be more understanding and forgiving

Be loving and human

Even to the person who has wounded my spirit


Photo Credit:www.theyhelitsian.com