A Picture In My Head

Have you ever  experienced this?

Seeing a place so beautiful that you had to close your eyes,

Paint the picture in your head

And still remember the exact feeling at that moment

Even if so many years have already passed?


photo credit: www.moet-chandon.co.uk


In 2003 (12 years ago) I was lucky to have a vacation in Europe with my Tatay, Mommy Eve, and Auntie Ludy (my Dad’s sister). I guess we did not have a digital camera before. We only used a regular camera and printed out the pictures. If I have more time, I can look for the album and upload pictures in here. I remember going to Germany, went to Cologne Cathedral, stayed in a farm in Bavaria, saw castles and one of them was the Neuschwanstein Castle.  After which, we  rode the train, stopped over in Paris, rented a cab and drove around the city. It was a long train ride going to Lourdes, France. There is something in Europe. Classic and Enchanting.

Now that I have my own family, spending on a trip to Europe is not a priority. Maybe someday or maybe never again. I am just glad I recorded the experience in me : )