Technology Age

It is mother’s day today and it just happened that my husband brought home a new baby for the family to enjoy, XBOX!!!! I am no good with gadgets and tech stuff but I find it interesting. Instead of playing using the controller and usually sitting down, it gets you moving!

When I was growing up, I remember my brother had  Atari, then Nintendo, and Sega. My siblings and I had fun with the classic games.

It is amazing how people can invent new things, new gadgets. When I was in College it was the first time I owned a cellphone, the huge ones they called “Jurassic”.

Now we have smart phones, IPAD, Wii, XBOX, and other amazing gadgets made by amazing human beings!!!

I wonder how would it be like in the future???? For sure, I will never get to see it anymore. I bet it would be really awesome! Flying cars, teleports, robots, and what else?

I just hope when that time comes,  people will just not forget some things that define them as human beings.  Nevertheless, enjoy! : )