Small Beginnings

I am not very talented with gardening, but my better half is! He loves to plant.  It is one of his favorite hobbies aside from reading and numbers. He enjoys gardening (by the way it is his birthday today!) Over time, I learned to appreciate its beauty. I started planting some seeds too in my tiny pots. I feel happy to see sprouts coming out!


Last year, my husband planted nectarine and orange plants. They are still tiny and I can not wait to eat their fruits someday!  We have vegetables in our backyard too: zucchini, green beans, bell pepper, parsley, green onions and kamote (I planted the last 2). My dear friend germinated some tomatoes for me and I took care of it. Now it is bearing a lot of cherry tomatoes.


When we moved in this home 2 years ago, a neighbor gave me some pots she no longer wanted to bring as she moved to a different place. I did not know the tiny plants in the pot. I transferred some of it in our soil. When it grew it was chilli peppers! Just like the tomatoes,  I always get thrilled seeing how plenty they are and I get really excited harvesting them.

WP_20150416_002(1)As I was looking at them earlier, I realized the wonders of life. How can a seed turn into a sprout then to a plant or a tree? How can the plant bear fruits and vegetables? How can a tree become so grand and beautiful providing shade to us? How can we have a symbiotic relationship with them, providing oxygen we need and carbon dioxide they need? This is indeed a perfect plan. Planned by nature, by the Universe, by our Creator, by God. This is just one example of the many miracles and wonders in life.

This beautiful miracle also applies to us people. How does a human being develop? How does life develop from a small beginning? From being fetuses, we turn out to be very complex, beautiful, amazing creations. I am not going into the detailed cycle of how a tiny fetus develop into a baby, born, grows up and grows old. Yes it is called Science, Biology, but it can also be seen as a miracle, life’s wonder!

For something to grow, it needs nurturing. Invest time on it. Protect it, give it love and care. Someday, soon, it will bear fruits, vegetables, or a beautiful flower. Then it will be a delight to someone. This applies to all these: plants, trees, animals, and human beings too.

Have a fruitful Life!