Life Changes

I just learned about one big news that will change my life. I can not tell you right now, but I will for sure. Soon.

Have you ever had that feeling that you strongly need to write down some  things in your  head but could not find how to begin or how to say them?

When that feeling is overflowing and words are just too much? And you just do not have all the time to sit down and figure it out?

I sound overwhelmed, confused, then maybe a little anxious (but it does not mean I am unhappy). There is just the strong urge to mentally figure things out and one way that has always been a big help to me is whenever I write them down. In relation to where I am at the moment, I guess my blogging here is not really for other people but for myself… Although partly, I really wish I inspire others too in little ways since I am already connecting outside of myself.

This is how I cope up. I write. Something I have always done since childhood. The only difference is paper and pencil versus the technology.

I am babbling now. I do not know if I made sense. I am sure I am going to write about this next time. I will figure it out. And you will understand what is going on in this crazy head of mine : )

Words Across Time

When you love and truly enjoy what you are doing, time flies by so fast. This is how I feel when I try to blog or write during my very short time of solitude. I love to write my thoughts and get to know myself more through it. Words or writing is an effective means of showing your existence. And through it, we can speak to each other across time even when I am no longer of this world.

Happy blogging everyone! Hope this post finds you well.

Now, You Are In My World

Signing in here

Writing my thoughts

Entering into a black hole

It’s like being in a totally different world…

It is a world inside my head

Where I meet other souls like you

Alone with our words and feeling our emotions

A lot of things in my head

So many words to say

It comforts me to know

I can be heard without without judgments

I can say what I want to say

I can be true to myself

Thank God for the words

Thank humans for the means

Writing is my friend

It is my constant companion.

Blogging For My Kids

I was doing my daily walk on the treadmill.  I realized something. Why do I blog? Why do I write? Aside from the reason that blogging helps me in many ways, I want to preserve my stories and memories. Certainly words will live longer than me. Words can last for eternity. I pray that this blogging site ( will be here forever and that it will care/preserve our life stories.

What is going on in my mind and my heart.  I want my children to gain insights and be aware and enlightened of their existence. Of how it is like to live, be human, and be happy. I want them to see how much they were loved and cared for and I treasure every memory I have with them.

Kids, if you read this sometime in the future, this is how our usual day is:

  • Busy Day. Chores. School.
  • As we do homework, my little girl awaits for her Dad peeping out the window. The excitement on her face as her Dad’s car parks outside.
  • Sometimes I complain that my kids are too noisy. They exhaust me with their needs and demands. Then in my heart, I realize, they will grow up soon. Everything will be different. I end up saying, I do not mind being tired and my patience being tried. I wish time will slow down and they can be 2 and 6 year old children who always love to be with their Daddy and Mommy.
  • Family dinner. My son will often rate my cooking. Just like how they do it in school, I can get these rates * Star Cooking * Happy Face * Needs Improvement. I always get a Star from him!
  • Routine before bedtime. Brush your teeth, pee, say a prayer. Before the prayer, it is an endless playing on the bed with Daddy.  I usually set a time (which always gets postponed) for “calming down” and lying down. I like how it suddenly gets quiet when finally they fall asleep.
  • TV time (Hulu Plus)  with my hubby as we munch on our snacks! Sometimes with a beer or wine but usually with a diet soda. I can not count how many movies/shows we have watched every date night. Sitting side by side with him and cuddling is indeed my favorite!
  • I do not know if my life is really exciting. I do no get to travel and have adventures. But I feel happy. I am happy. Just thinking about these people I love: my husband, my children, my parents, my siblings, and all my friends all over the world…

          Why do you blog?  :- )