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My Typical Day


Child Care  -> Household Chores -> Baby naps for 1.5 hour -> Run on Treadmill ->

Blog -> Flute practice -> Child Care -> Household Chores -> Prepare Dinner  – >

Child Care ->  Get Ready for Bedtime ->  Kids Sleep ->   Either I get to watch TV or

Fall Asleep




Photo credit: www.kiddiematters.com

16 thoughts on “My Typical Day

  1. It’s commendable you wish to give your family your complete attention; there are few these days who wish to, and even fewer who can afford to do so…. But, then, there’s also an old saying, to wit:

    “A man can’t get rich who takes proper care of his family.” — Navajo proverb

    it takes two for effective parenting, and you & your husband seem to be doing that…. Nice to see….


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    • Oh I just wish my kids will grow up good, happy, and successful. If they don’t, I will be heart broken. And thank you for your kind words as always! Hope all is well gigoid! Happy New Year! Gotta practice my flute before the girl wakes up!!!! Ciao!!!!

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