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Which Line Do You Say?

I am addicted to you…

I am allergic to you!

You bring out the best in me…

You bring out the beast in me!

I am in heaven with you…

I am in hell with you around!

You made me live again…

You are killing me!!!

You are my light…

You bring darkness in my life!!!!

You are an angel…

You are a devil, be gone!

10 thoughts on “Which Line Do You Say?

    • We should say positive affirmations to ourselves, however we do not always have to put up with other people. If someone is abusive then it is okay to say “Be gone.” Otherwise we will only be drug down into the pit they are already in.
      For people that are good support for us, then we can give them positive affirmations. 🙂

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  1. I am laughing at “You are the devil. Be gone” I have just gone through a heart wrenching, mind bending break up from a narcissist and this is the first time I have laughed in 3 weeks…Thanks ❤
    You are the devil. Be gone haha

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