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Inspiration From A Cat

For those of you who have been my “friends” here in the blog world,  I mentioned in the past how I find inspiration in small things. Since I have little children, I get to learn their books and songs, and I learn a lot from them.

One of my favorites is Pete The Cat by James Dean (Eric Litwin as Illustrator).  I am sure most of you know who Pete The Cat is. For those of you who do not know Pete yet, here, I am sharing with you two of my favorite videos:

Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Pete The Cat – I Love My White Shoes

Remember stuff will come and go in our lives (and even people) and it is part of life. It is a reality that we should all learn to accept and deal with.  I guess it is okay to cry and be sad for a while, but you should keep going.  No matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song…because it’s all good. 



6 thoughts on “Inspiration From A Cat

  1. I had heard about it but I had forgotten. Thank you for the link. It’s for very little children and easy for them to follow. I too have created a cat sometimes ago who was the character of my first book but it’s for older children and adults as well. He also wears shoes but football shoes. However, what distinguish him is that he is the only character in literature that in his book has a long and interesting chat with God himself who complains to him how silly human beings can be sometimes. It was an interesting chapter for me to write, putting words in God’s mouth I mean, even if I’m not a religious person in the orthodox sense of the word. In the cover of the book I drew him without football shoes though in all the other illustrations that I made of him playing against talented mice footballers among other opponents, he wears them.

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    • Hi Piero! I checked the link and I am very happy to see your photo. At least now I get a look at my favorite author (Paulo Coelho is second). Hopefully I get to read your books soon! Do you have it in hard copies? I still prefer reading real books than from a gadget. Your book, THE CAT THAT BECAME A FOOTBALLER sounds really interesting. I am sure it has a lot of wisdom in it!!! Nice to see you Piero.

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      • Well wait for the new one that I will publish in a couple of months the title is: “Meditations of a Controversial Cook”. Does it ring the bell? It will be my first and only non fiction book. The world,humanity and the universe seen through food and cookery. Nobody has even done anything like it. It will be free of charge to download from the internet for three months at least on kindle, computers, tablets and smartphones and it will be the end of the celebrity chefs, AhAh… Sweet revenge on those pompous, conceited useless culinary buffoons.
        No I don’t do paper books, at least not yet and I’m not keen on them either. Everything that I write and illustrate is primarily for theatre, radio, television or live performance although they are also books. I confess that my dream is to be known in the USA, It may happen and if it will I will go there. Anyway if one day you have some spare money buy a kindle they are fantastic believe me you can put thousands of books in it, lots of them are free, you can carry it in your bag take it everywhere and they are easier to the eye and more comfortable to read than paper books.

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      • Will u pls remind me once you publish the new one? I would love to download it!!! And keep aiming for your dream! I don’t know maybe I can help in a very little way buy promoting your new book in my site? All the best Piero!


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