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A Thousand Years From Now

A seed from which sprouts came out

Became a tiny plant that kept growing as days go by

Turned into an enormous tree that had so many branches

Lived a thousand years…


Photo Credit: www.traveljournals.net

I see a man

He had children

Saw his grandchildren

Great grandchildren he was blessed

Great grandchildren had families of their own

The family kept growing

Too many branches now

Some feel close to each other

While some are estranged from one another

Nevertheless, they all came out from that one tiny seed

Connected by blood flowing under their veins….

old tree

 Photo Credit: imgur.com

I am a seed

Shall have my own big tree

Thoughts and love I send for my future branches….

8 thoughts on “A Thousand Years From Now

  1. It sounds silly, but trees inspire me. In a bit of a different way than you, though. I look at trees and I am reassured that great things take a long time to come to fruition. I planted a tree in my backyard 15 years ago. It was a seedling and now it is about 30 feet tall. Amazing. Great things take a long time to build.

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    • I agree with you that trees are inspiring. Some have been standing for years and they live longer than us! They have seen more than us, the changes in times. …
      And you planted 15 years ago from being a seeling??? I am sure it feels like a great accomplishment to see it 30 feet tall now! It is like raising a kid! Thank you for stopping by! : ) May you find more inspiration! ~ Khris

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