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Hopes Of The Troubled Spirit

Numb me

So I do not feel

Blind me

So I do not see

Don’t want to hear

Every word I fear


Is what I see…

Strengthen me

So I can stand while I feel

Change me

So I can see the good in it

Help me be more accepting

Of all the things I hear

Help me

So I can be me….

2 thoughts on “Hopes Of The Troubled Spirit

  1. But you are being you. When you touch those things that are so called wrong or bad they give their wisdom so when you do touch and feel those things that bring a smile to your heart, it will be all the more happier and glad BECAUSE you touched those things.
    Sometimes it feels like it will never end…but slowly, even after a very bad event, the truth in our hearts begin to stand tall again, but this time with a love within because we have gone through these things.
    Hold strength in this journey, even though it will test us all, and it does, have faith in the beauty to come…for it is a beautiful thing to see. Mark

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    • Mark, I truly appreciate these words of wisdom. I am grateful to learn a lot of things from people like you. Others can be really inspiring. Hope to hear more from you. God bless!!!! : ) Thank you.

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